Seville becomes the greatest ARG in Spain with The Plague of Movistar+

#LaGarduñaExiste (La Garduña Exists) is a part of the Transmedia Universe of The Plague: The Hand of La Garduña, a Movistar Plus project in collaboration with El Cañonazo Transmedia.

The Plague has been eradicated in Seville. On the other hand, other dangers are still lurking in The Plague: The hand of La Garduña, an original production of Movistar+, the fans of the show will be able to participate actively in the mysteries of the series playing #LaGarduñaExiste.

How? Helping Valerio and Teresa discover the identity of 5 of the members of La Garduña in the biggest alternate reality game (ARG in the english acronym) designed for a show in Spain.

First phase: Online experience

To play #LaGarduñaExiste, first you have to register in the www.larutadelapeste.com webapp and like that, be part of the Swarm Brotherhood founded by Teresa. Once inside, we must overcome 5 online missions: navigate through the Wikipeste, Instagram, Wallapop, Spotify and Twitter. For each challenge, points are added to a personal marker of the gamer so that, gradually, they can surpass the 5 game levels. If you want to know more about the online phase, visit this post.

Once the online challenges are overcome it is the moment to travel to Seville (literally) to start with the second phase of the ARG.

Second phase: physical experience in Seville

The ARG of The Plague transforms Seville into the first spanish city with the biggest game board in Spain. What are the show followers going to find?

Mud and Gold, a virtual reality experience

Turn into a character yourself, visiting two locations and bumping into the main characters, in a hyper realistic surrounding. This is possible thanks to the innovative technique of photogrammetry and a system that includes the sense of smell in the VR. It can be visited in the Seville Town Hall’s halt with reservation here. 

“La Garduña’s Seville”

In Seville’s Town Hall you will be able to enjoy the exposition “La Garduña’s Seville”, where objects, atrezzo and furniture of the serie will be exhibited, showing the care with which production has recreated the Seville of the 16th century.

Casa de Gula 

For food and design lovers, the Casa de Gula is an obligatory visit. The Plague’s official tavern with original sets from the shooting of the show and with a menu inspired in the gastronomy of the era. It is located in the street Álvarez Quintero, 9, Seville.

La Garduña’s Tapa Route

In this tapa route you can enjoy of the tapas that different Seville locals have created in honor of the second season of the show.

Past View

Visit the Seville of The Plague’s show. With the physical and virtual world combined with an exceptional guide: Mateo, main character of The Plague. This route will be available at the end of november.

In summary, a transmedia strategy to the level of the show The Plague: The Hand of La Garduña that includes an innovative VR experience in Spain, exclusive digital content and geolocated physical challenges in this awesome ARG.

The final reward

Infiltrating yourself in La Garduña and resolving the mysteries that the 16th century Seville hides has it’s reward. Only for registering in www.larutadelapeste.com the non resident of Seville players will participate in a raffle with a trip for two prize with accommodation the 22nd and 23rd of November. Also, a Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile and another five of these smartphones will be raffled for those players that reach each of the five levels of the game: chivato, postulante, floreador, punteador and capataz.

Finally, the player that reaches the highest level of the game (capataz) and does so with the most points will travel to the “New World”. A trip for two to Cancun for 7 days to be used in the months of January, February or March f 2020. The winner will be published the 2nd of december.

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