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Ida y Vuelta: Oro a Mejor Documental Publicitario en los Brave Brain Awards

Los Brave Brain Awards, encuadrados dentro del Never Zapping Festival son los primeros premios publicitarios entregados por un jurado popular. En la edición de 2018, Ida y Vuelta, el documental interactivo de La Peste, ha sido premiado con…

Yantar: The Cooking Show Inspired by The Plague

Yantar is one of the three web series that are part of The Plague’s transmedia universe, a Movistar+ original production. Daniel del Toro, known for participating in MasterChef, is the host of this cooking show. In each episode, Daniel teaches…

The Confessor: a fiction podcast with The Plague's protagonists

Rafael Cobos, creator and scriptwriter of Movistar+ original production The Plague, is ‘The Confessor’. In each episode of the fiction podcast one of the main characters confesses to its creator, revealing unknown aspects about their pasts…

The Bawdyhouse: The Plague's Eugenia is Golden Age's Youtuber

The Bawdyhouse (‘La Mancebía’) is an award-winning six-episode web series in which Cecilia Gómez (Eugenia in The Plague, a Movistar+ original production) becomes the youtuber of the Golden Age to show us interesting facts about the historical…

The Inquisitors: a podcast from The Plague's creators

‘The Inquisitors’ is a podcast with the audio-commentary of Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, the creators of Movistar+ original production The Plague. Aimed at cinephiles and TV shows fans, the podcast is an indispensable content within…
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There and Back: Inside The Plague's Real Seville

There and Back is an award-winning web documentary that belongs to the Movistar+ original production The Plague’s transmedia universe. Its purpose is to immerse the viewer in the complex historical context in which the show is set, becoming…

CGI: Seville, solve The Plague's VFX case

CGI: Seville is a web series that is a part of The Plague’s transmedia universe, a Movistar+ original production. It’s the perfect show for those who are interested in knowing the secrets behind digital effects and the technical curiosities…

The Zone's Transmedia Universe

The Zone’s transmedia universe is structured as a constant duality between the official truth and the hidden one, between what is obvious and what is secret, between the patent and the latent. The user delves into the show and expands narratives…
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The Plague's Transmedia Universe

The Plague’s universe is anchored around a constant back and forth journey on many different levels, a journey between 16th Century Seville and the Seville of today. A journey between fiction and reality. A voyage in which the viewer can…

La Peste también se expande en la prensa

El universo transmedia de La Peste expande la narrativa y el contexto de la serie original de Movistar+, al mismo tiempo que se propaga por medios de comunicación. Desde su presentación en el MiM Series 2017 y tras el éxito de La Peste,…