The Bawdyhouse: The Plague’s Eugenia is Golden Age’s Youtuber

The Bawdyhouse (‘La Mancebía’) is an award-winning six-episode web series in which Cecilia Gómez (Eugenia in The Plague, a Movistar+ original production) becomes the youtuber of the Golden Age to show us interesting facts about the historical context of the show in a fun and irreverent way.

The “mancebías”, which give name to the show, were the houses or places where the sex workers worked. It’s closed to what a brothel was at that time in the English-speaking world. These houses were usually owned by the town council, hospitals or even religious institutions. In Seville, unlike in other cities, they could be found in the center of the city, in “Compás de la Laguna”.

In each episode, which were filmed in the breaks between The Plague’s shooting, the Bawdyhouse’s fans, called “pecheros”, will discover more peculiarities about the city of Seville during the Golden Age. Emulating the particular style of the most popular youtubers, through challenges and tags, Eugenia addresses a different aspect of Seville’s society and culture in each episode. These go from the beauty products that were used at the time, the trendiest outfits and most popular music, to the objects that the women carried in their “faltriqueras” and the carnal pleasures.

The Bawdyhouse is aimed at a young audience who follow influencers on social media and are used to consuming content with similar formats every day. The show combines Seville’s traditions and history with current popular references, so it is entertaining and fun to watch and at the same time it broadens The Plague’s universe so the viewers can learn more about the historical context of the show.

To know more about The Bawdyhouse and 16th-century Seville you can visit the WikiPeste and explore the entire transmedia universe of Movistar+ original production in The Plague’s Route.


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