The Confessor: a fiction podcast with The Plague’s protagonists

Rafael Cobos, creator and scriptwriter of Movistar+ original production The Plague, is ‘The Confessor’. In each episode of the fiction podcast one of the main characters confesses to its creator, revealing unknown aspects about their pasts to the listeners.

In the first episode, Rafael Cobos himself has to confess his own sins as The Plague’s creator: the documentation process, what’s based on real facts and what is fiction, the dramatic license of his characters, etc. After his testimony, the Inquisition sentences Cobos to listen to his own characters to figure out what they think about the life he made up for them and the misfortunes he has put them through.

From then on, Mateo, Teresa, Monardes, Celso, Valerio and Leandra, travel to the 21st century to face Rafael Cobos. The characters share their amazement for how the future looks like in today’s Seville while they talk about the differences between the 16th century and the present. Through their experiences, a day to day portrait of Seville’s past is made, touching subjects such as women’s role, medicine and religion. But, above all, ‘The Confessor’ openly shows the personality of The Plague’s characters. The listeners have the chance then to discover their inner motivations and thoughts, which are not shown in the show.

Through metafiction, this podcast opens a new door to the The Plague’s transmedia universe for those who are interested in getting to know more about the characters and dig deeply into the show’s setting and history.

Escucha”La Peste: El Confesor” en Spreaker.


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