The Inquisitors: a podcast from The Plague’s creators

‘The Inquisitors’ is a podcast with the audio-commentary of Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, the creators of Movistar+ original production The Plague. Aimed at cinephiles and TV shows fans, the podcast is an indispensable content within the transmedia universe of the series.

In each episode, both of the creators dissect the key scenes from The Plague, alternating between their comments and the audio from those scenes. They talk about the details of every process related to the production of a fiction show, from the first steps of research about 16th century Seville, to the shooting itself. Besides, Rodríguez and Cobos tell the listeners the distinctive features about the script and direction of The Plague: how they established the graphic and direct tone of the show from the very first scenes and how the different plots were developed. They also deeply explore the characters’ evolution, their past and how it affects their present, what are their motivations, their weaknesses and what is their trigger, which at the same time drives the story.

Likewise, in ‘The Inquisitors’, The Plague’s creators comment on their favorite anecdotes from the 16th century, which they learnt while doing research for the show. There is also data and curiosities, for example, how Monarde’s character really existed and how Teresa is based in an actual painter that signed with the name of her father to sell her drawings. To complete their analysis, Rodríguez and Cobos also talk about the challenge of reconstructing 16th century Seville in detail, building sets, using VFX and using what little is left from the Renaissance time in the city.

That is how, through this podcast, the viewers who are more interested in all the work behind the scenes can discover a new aspect of the extensive universe that surrounds The Plague.

Escucha”La Peste: Los Inquisidores” en Spreaker.


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