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The Plague’s Transmedia Universe

the plague transmedia

The Plague’s universe is anchored around a constant back and forth journey on many different levels, a journey between 16th Century Seville and the Seville of today. A journey between fiction and reality. A voyage in which the viewer can choose their level of implication and immersion.

What do we need to begin the journey? A map… and an internet connection.

The map of Seville contains all the elements that are crossed and complemented and, at the same time, serve as gateways into the series. How does the infection spread? A viewer watches an episode of The Plague and something calls his attention: an auto-da-fé. These are the main formats of The Plague’s transmedia universe:


A collaborative site that condenses the information derived from The Plague, both in the narrative fiction and in the historical past. Storylines, synopses, biographies…for example, the biography for the starring character in  “La Mancebía”.


A web series in which the actress Cecilia Gómez turns into the Golden Age’s YouTuber, revealing the city’s secrets and customs.


Screenwriter Rafael Cobos will act as “The Confessor” for his own characters, who will visit him in order to expiate their sins. This oral fiction in podcast format unveils the secrets that the series conceals.

“CGI: Sevilla” (CGI: SEVILLE)

Presented by two special effects enthusiasts who visit the sets and post-production rooms in order to reconstruct the creative process behind The Plague.


A cooking show in which the chef Daniel del Toro teaches the series’ protagonists how to cook recipes from the 16th Century, adapted to the 21st Century.


We arrive at the city’s harbour, where we can access “There and Back”, a webdoc that explores the Seville of then and now through documents, dates, references, and insights from expert historians and The Plague’s technical crew.


A podcast with audio commentary from the series’ creators, Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, who guide the listeners through each of the episodes.


The Plague’s transmedia universe spreads beyond the digital: the people who visit Seville will run into golden rats that will take them on “The Plague’s Golden Route of Seville”, a tour through the streets of the city that will connect physical spaces with historical references, filming anecdotes and legends of the city, revealed through texts, images, audio and video formats.


The content takes on a life of its own, beyond the series’ narrative, promoted by a distribution strategy through owned and earned media: a task for… “The Brotherhood”. A multidisciplinary team that connects with communities, monitorizes comments, responds and creates micro-content on social media.

In total, The Plague’s transmedia universe is made up of more than 350 minutes of audiovisual content, spread throughout 8 formats that include interactive documentaries, audio fiction, collaborative websites, geolocated tours, cooking shows, youtubers and making ofs. All of which can be found in a website, designed for all devices.

This transmedia strategy expands the narrative fiction, promotes the series and opens it up to viewer participation. A top-level narrative and communicative experience.

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