There and Back: Inside The Plague’s Real Seville

ida y vuelta

There and Back is an award-winning web documentary that belongs to the Movistar+ original production The Plague’s transmedia universe. Its purpose is to immerse the viewer in the complex historical context in which the show is set, becoming an essential content for those who want to know more about the show.

The Plague is set in a tumultuous historic period for the city of Seville. A period which not only brought the commerce between America and Europe, transforming Seville’s culture and society, but also brought one of the most serious pandemics in known history. Inside the online interface, you can sail through the river and explore this turbulent age of Renaissance Seville, visiting different historical documents, videos, texts and images that broaden the context of that period, using The Plague as a bridge between the 16th and the 21st centuries. Besides, each port includes interviews to experts in history and linguistics from the University of Seville, to the show’s creators, Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, the production team and the cast.

There and Back deeply explores how Seville turned into the most cosmopolitan city after the discovery of the New World, making a full portrait of its everyday life in the first centuries of the Modern Age. This multimedia documentary analyzes in detail themes such as the differences between social classes, the organization of power and government, the importance of commerce, the role of Catholicism and the Inquisition, also diving in the coexistence of different cultures, the arts, fashion, literature and the role of women and, of course, the plague’s contagion and state of medicine at the time. But, above all, it looks into how the city’s transformation into a door between continents affected every aspect of life in Seville, and how each of these changes are reflected in The Plague.

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