5 facts that will make you kill for an internship at El Cañonazo

5 facts that will make you kill for an internship at El Cañonazo

For our internship:

1.- We look for people who like doing and learning different things.

Our team is formed by multidisciplinary people. We are all creative, we are audiovisual storytellers, and we are savvy users of the digital platforms in which our stories are expanded. Creative, audiovisual and digital: that’s the kind of people we are looking for.  It does not matter if you have great skills, what really matters is that you are interested on learning about them.
2.- At El Cañonazo you will learn about digital contents by producing them.

It’s a requirement for all of our interns to design, produce and distribute their own contents of their on a regular basis. You can check the magnificent outcomes of our interns work and here.


3.- You will meet very interesting people.

El Cañonazo is a quite social company. There are clients and partners and all sorts of interesting people coming in and out of our HQ’s we are also regulars at the networking events of the digital media scene. El Cañonazo is a great place to meet people and for people to get to know you.

4.- Because working downtown Madrid is really cool.

To work in a creative environment is key, not only inside our offices but also because of our neighborhood: Between Malasaña and Conde Duque things are happening all the time, we are surrounded by creative and innovative companies and by a massive cultural, entertainment and gastronomic vibe.



5.- Because At El Cañonazo It’s different everyday.

El Cañonazo is an innovative company. Our projects have all sorts of needs and natures, and our team is actively involved all the different stages. We like to hit the ground running!

Please do contact us at info [at] elcanonazo [dot] com

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