The Zone’s Transmedia Universe

The Zone’s Transmedia Universe

The Zone’s transmedia universe is structured as a constant duality between the official truth and the hidden one, between what is obvious and what is secret, between the patent and the latent. The user delves into the show and expands narratives through a gamified experience. The contents spreads out through two sites: The Zone’s official website, where the official contents of the show can be found, and The Other Zone, where the not-official truth is found in two digital spaces, The Office and The Bunker.


Official Contents

In The Zone’s official webpage, the users finds the essential complements to expand the show’s contents:

The character’s files.

The Geiger Container, a podcast where the authors, technicians and the cast analyze the production process.

Escucha»El Contador Geiger: Oír La Zona» en Spreaker.

The Zone’s Anatomy, a mini series that dissects the key narratives of the show.

Exclusion Zone, making-of in which the critic Jesús Usero gets into the forbidden zone and talks about all the details of the show’s production.

And the official social networks that broaden The Zone’s contents so the user can enjoy the TV show and its media expansion.

The Other Zone

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The Other Zone is a transmedia narrative strategy that, along with the contents of the linear version, gives coherence to a broad mix of narrative content.

Guided by Arcan_hell, the pseudonym of one of the show’s characters, The Zone’s transmedia expansion grows in an organic way through his investigation, in which the user can accompany him in a constant duality between the official truth and the hidden one, the obvious and the secret, the patent and the latent.

The user delves into the show and expands narratives through a gamified experience.

Through an interactive introduction, a video with a double perspective directs the user to the other side of the show, to the official and to the hidden truth. To a modern office and to an old bunker.

Thanks to their work, the character gets access to censored information about the nuclear accident. All evidence shows a hidden and terrible truth. These materials will be discovered in The Office.

On Alert, a micro factual series of investigations about the real consequences of great nuclear tragedies: displaced population, contaminated materials… that were censored.

Scars, a mockumentary with testimonies from the show’s characters that survived the nuclear accident.

And from Arcan_hell’s phone, the user can get to know the musical tastes of the character and listen to his Spotify playlist.

To continue investigating, Arcan_hell takes shelter in an old bunker at the boundaries of the Exclusion Zone, which becomes his alternative work center and its presided by The Mural.

A great collage of clippings, photographies, blueprints and news. When the user links some of this exclusive clues, they participate in an investigation about the facts behind the show with exclusive material.

Arcan_hell reveals his conspiracy theories in his podcast “From The Bunker”, each instalment can be discovered by the Twitter users that follow @arcan_HELL.

Escucha»Desde El Búnker» en Spreaker.


Arcan_hell also has access to a parallel investigation through the interactive narrative game “Follow the clue” developed by the creative agency Fluor LifeStyle, where the users decide their own narrative path to get into the exclusion zone and solve new plots.

When the user access Arcan_Hell’s laptop, they can enter his favorite sites.

The Abandoned Zone is an Instagram account that reveals one of his biggest passions, photography. It contains photographs of devastated natural and urban landscapes. The show’s fans can collaborate and upload their photographs, which in the future may become true locations for the fictional series.

In his Internet history, the users find Naturatrox. A site that compiles 360º photographies that show how the cities of Spain will look like after a nuclear accident.

But if there’s a key site amongst his favorites it’s the WikiZona: a collaborative website that functions as a meeting point for the viewer’s community. All the pieces of information about the show are here, the official and the hidden ones alike. The site is run by the Adversus team.

Adversus is a citizen-led movement that takes Arkan_Hell’s podcast as a referent. Through their YouTube channel and their Facebook page, Kassandra, Cronos and Zeus, unconditional fans of Arkan_Hell, spread their findings, hidden always behind an iconic gas mask.

But… Adversus is more than just a content. It’s a community. The movement will jump from fiction to reality.

In the fiction, Adversus is led by the Core formed by its three founders.

In the reality, it will be a team of content curators who promote the creation, conversation and interaction between the fans of the show. They generate micro-contents and memes, monitor the reactions and the user-generated-content, before, during and after the show’s release.

All of these contents come alive with a distribution strategy using own, paid and earned media, so that they too are attractive to the users even if they don’t watch the show.

In total, The Zone’s transmedia universe has more than 310 minutes of audiovisual content spread through 16 formats that consist of interactive videos, sound fiction, an immersive narrative online game, web series, 360º images, mockumentaries, collaborative sites, making-of and social media posts that are found in two websites designed for all kinds of devices.

All of these elements, contents, containers and their dynamization make up a global story, but each content can be enjoyed independently. They expand the fiction, promote the show and facilitate the active participation of the viewers.

Besides, it’s a great platform to promote the show. A premium narrative and communicative experience on par with the greatest global proposals.


Cross The Zone’s limits.

Because what you see it’s not the whole truth.

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