Yantar: The Cooking Show Inspired by The Plague

Yantar: The Cooking Show Inspired by The Plague

Yantar is one of the three web series that are part of The Plague’s transmedia universe, a Movistar+ original production. Daniel del Toro, known for participating in MasterChef, is the host of this cooking show. In each episode, Daniel teaches the protagonists of The Plague how to make updated traditional recipes from the 16th century so they can be enjoyed in the 21st century.

Based on the original cookery book “Arte de cocina, pastelería, bizcochería y conservería”, written in 1611 by the Philip II of Spain’s chef, Francisco Martínez Motiño, Yantar shows us how was the food in the 16th century: which were the most consumed products and how they were made back then. In every social and cultural aspect, the Renaissance age in Seville was marked by the contrasts: between the social classes and between people that came from different places all over the world. Of course, this was also reflected in the food. Social class determined the kinds of food each person had access to: the lower classes ate vegetables, fruits and legumes, while the meat was the most common food between the higher classes. Besides, commerce with the New World brought along new products that transformed Seville and Europe’s cuisine.

In Yantar, the foodies can learn how to update the traditional Seville recipes from back then, like tuna stew, partridge soup or apricot dried fruit cake. All of these are spiced with anecdotes about the food in 16th century Seville and curiosities about The Plague’s characters that will satisfy history lovers and fans of the Plague alike.


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Sergio Castellanos

Cecilia Gómez

Lupe del Junco

Paco León

Patricia López Arnaiz

Pablo Molinero

Manuel Solo

Daniel del Toro


José Ángel Esteban

Irene Rodríguez


José Ángel Esteban

Irene Rodríguez

History Consultant:

Pedro Álvarez

Executive Producers: 

Luis Alcázar

Roger Casas-Alatriste

Director of Production:

Manfredi Giannoni

Video Post-production: 

Jesús Cuesta

Motion Graphics:

Alejandro Blanco

Director of Photography:

Hugo Cabezas

Álvaro López del Peso

Alejandro Toro

Sonido directo:

José Ferrando


Alberto Marín Hurtado

Thanks to:

Atípica Films

Restaurante Manolo León

Movistar+ Team

Executive Producers:

Domingo Corral

Ismael Calleja

David Sanz


Nicolás Lecocq

Clara Ruipérez

Miriam Lagoa

Adrián de Belva

Cristina Rozas

Marta Plácer


Fran Araújo

Felipe Pontón

Susana Herreras

Gabriel Arias-Salgado

Rafa Taboada

Antonio Trashorras


Juan Moreno

Marta Martín

Guadalupe Balaguer


María Martínez  


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